About Lumas

Lumas knows privacy.

Our mission is to improve data privacy.

You can trust the companies you give data to, because Lumas gives you control over your data, while helping businesses honor your data privacy choices. We believe that promoting transparency, using data ethically, providing meaningful choice, and reducing the complexity of data privacy for companies will create better relationships between you and all the companies you interact with.

Built by a Team of World Experts in Data who Care About your Data Rights and Privacy


Bethany Doran


Beth is a Duke trained cardiologist and bioinformaticist, UC Denver/Denver VA Instructor, American Heart Association Heart Failure fellow, WEF leapfrogging genomic data panel, Singularity University guest lecturer


Mavis Machirori


Mavis is a researcher in ethics and governance of data and data sharing, focussing on research, health and genomics data with increasing focus on social and administrative data. Other interests explore how concepts of self influence data sharing and the implications of data sharing practices within society.


Robert Bender


Rob is life long software developer having developed enterprise software for large financial corporations. His role as the Chief Data Architect combines his values for data agency and skills in the business software development world.


Darya Balybina


Darya is a 2020 law graduate from the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Houston. Darya has previously worked at the IAPP and the NH ACLU, and is an incoming advisory associate at KPMG.