When it Comes to your Data Privacy Lumas Can Help

You Have Complete Control

Data is only accessed by organizations or consumers you agree to share with. Easily submit requests to any company to remove or retreive your data.

Personalized and Simple Consents

We use patent-pending Artificial Intelligence to make it easy for you to understand what companies want to do with your data, and learn your unique preferences and values.

Secure Your Data

We use encryption to protect your data and give you the keys to decrypt should you ever change your mind.

Lumas Services



  • Unlimited data requests
  • Company Policy Rankings
  • Data dashboard
  • Privacy manager
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Start-Up Companies


  • Starter features
  • ID verification to prevent fraud
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Follow up of unfulfilled data requests
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Enterprise Companies


  • Starter + Explorer features
  • Aggregation, analysis, and storage of your data
  • ERP & CRM integrations for automation
  • Dedicated customer service and enterprise account
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